• Timelessly, the tears fell down his cheek

    It all felt like an eternity
    The pain gnawed on his body
    A beating, constant pain, not willing to stop

    The constant feeling of the walls closing in
    The earthly, rotten and musty smell
    The big confusion and many questions

    The gasping for air turned immense
    Couldn’t find peace in body and soul
    Mentally and physically breaking down

    The attempts to get out, slowly stopped
    The thoughts, confusingly running through his head
    “Why me? Why me?”

    Lying quietly, fighting for his breath
    When suddenly, a revelation came upon him
    The screams was immense, his body beating for life

    The screams faded, his body was paralyzed
    His breath slowly faded
    And he lied with his last thought
    Buried alive