• I'm surrounded by fears,
    From strangers and peers.
    Surrounded by Everyone,
    and yet, I feel there is no one.

    There are voices around me,
    both invisible and seen,
    influencing my conscience,
    as well as my dreams.

    They are wishing me away,
    and taunting the thought,
    of running away,
    to the haven I have sought.

    Saying the pros and cons,
    of leaving my life behind,
    knowing of the wrongs,
    But still wanting to find...

    ...To find the one girl,
    Who I've been searching for,
    The girl who has forever changed my world,
    The girl who I will love, forever and even more.

    Surrounded by fates, by choices, by paths...
    by friends, by enemies, I need to do the math.
    I'm surrounded by the people, who are important in my life,
    but the one absent person, is my hopefully future wife.

    Should I run away?
    Or perhaps, should I stay?
    I don't know what to do.
    But I do know, I want to be with you.
    I love you, honey, I hope to see you soon.