• What Is Not His
    We fight for what we don't want to win
    and ignore those that we wish to own.
    Things seem to never end,
    even though there is a hole within the circle.
    We hide our wishes beneath the ground,
    where others would never think to look.
    A life of pure insanity,
    in all reality makes complete sense.
    Another takes what is not his,
    and yet another doesn't fight for it back.
    What should he do after his love has been stolen,
    or should he even chase a lady
    who covers his light with a fog of contrition?

    copyright 2008 by Molli Courtney

    inspired by the lyrics:
    "Near a tree by a river
    There's a hole in the ground
    Where an old man of Aaron
    Goes around and around
    And his mind is a beacon
    In the veil of the night
    For a strange kind of fashion
    There's a wrong and a right
    But he'll never never fight over you."