• Our Rose


    I compare our love
    To that of a rose, fragile and gentle.
    Though now your love burns,
    burns with the intencity of a thousand and one suns,

    As you begin to open up
    I begin to understand
    Every little mistake you've done
    you've place trust within my hands
    Trust that I shall never let go.

    Though the Rose that is our love
    continues to open and grow,
    Blooming more eligant each day
    The more you say the less I wish to know.

    Our love has now reached is breaking point.
    Our Rose is at full bloom.
    Though that may be so, it can only take so much.
    I feel as thought the end is coming very, very soon

    Our Rose now falling apart.
    One petal followed by another.
    Soon our love has disappeared
    Along with the belated summer.