• Psh... Please..
    I told you, I'd always be true to you,
    No matter what we go through,
    No matter what you do,
    But now you've played me,
    Too many damn times,
    So as I sit here writing these lines,
    I reminice about us,
    And how I gave you all my trust,
    Was it love or lust,
    That you put in us?
    I just wanted you to be there,
    I wanted you to be here,
    Thinking but it,
    Brings a tear,
    To my eyes,
    Don"t know why,
    I even tried,
    But I'll never cry,
    I'll never show a frown,
    But I'll admit that you did bring me down,
    You did break me baby,
    And make me go crazy,
    You've changed me so much,
    In so little time,
    Even with all the fuss,
    I still tried to stay in line,
    You had me wrapped,
    Around your pretty little finger,
    But now as I lay at night,
    Your smell still lingers,
    My heart is broke,
    And I can't move,
    Cause I'm running on no hope,
    How did I lose?
    How did I choke?
    I'm steady trailing the 143,
    That we had between you and me,
    You were the world to me,
    The perfect girl for me,
    To me you were the world,
    Worthing more than diamon and pearls,
    So now I sit here with all this hurt,
    And all the useless work,
    That I put in us,
    But now, ******** the love, and ******** the trust,
    And now I'm tired of writing this,
    So I'm just going to leave and say this,
    I loved you L*****y S*****e G***s, but ******** it...