• Just whisper in my ear and say that you love me,
    Come here and put your arms around me,
    Hug me,
    Kiss me,
    Do what you got to do to make me believe you
    Us two,
    Forever together,
    Me and you,
    Through the things that we do,
    Through the things that we say,
    With each and everyday,
    Make me want you,
    Make our trust and love grow,
    So I can show,
    That me and you are more than you know,
    I want you,
    I need you,
    I want you in my arms so I can hug, hold and squeeze you,
    So no more lies,
    And no more games,
    Baby girl I’m going to make you remember this name,
    Through the suffer and the pain,
    The lies and games,
    The tears in the eyes,
    And the worthless little tries,
    I’ll make you remember me,
    So you can see,
    That we were so close to “Meant to be”,
    So just try to understand,
    That I’m trying to become another man,
    I’d give up my hand,
    Just to be with you again,
    I want us together,
    Even though it might not be for the better,
    I don’t care,
    I won’t care,
    I want you in my arms,
    I swear there won’t be any harm,
    Just believe me once more,
    And close that damn door,
    And we soon will be making love all over the floor,
    So as I blow out this smoke,
    I still wish and hope,
    That we will be one,
    Because without you it’s no fun,
    So baby girl just listen to your heart,
    And start back at the start,
    We’ll cross that finish line,
    With me and you combined,
    We’ll be the winner,
    And win this damn game,
    And soon baby,
    We’ll have history and fame.