• Last Word:

    Gasping,dying..2 words used in one sentence
    even though,i tell a story, my message is very foggy.

    I gasp for new air,Die from new life
    What if i close my eyes and die with lots of strife?

    Oh! wait death isn't a path way i should wonder
    or can't i just admire it alittle longer?

    the hand of being reborn,guiding me to the true path,
    i smile and take it's hand,even though the path i am being lead down

    doesn't seem so bright, it whispers my name
    telling me not to be afraid, can't help what is already done.

    closing my eyes,drinking life poison slowly.
    No,no,nooooo can't stop,living.....

    Now my time to die if finally near,
    so i put on my jacket and walk to the hand of rebirth and smile