• Watching as I walk the Hall
    Tiled red and Black
    The paintings there remind me
    Of a creepy little White Rabbit

    I walk up to the door
    Big and Double hinged
    The carvings on it speak to me
    The images make me Cringe

    And I notice as I listen
    Behind the screams of war
    I hear a little girl in tears
    And once again I look at the door

    In the center of the horrible picture
    the Dragons and Beast at war
    Is a tiny little girl
    Who appears to be sitting on the floor

    I reach out my hand to save her
    To pet her head as she cries
    but to my dismay as soon as I touch her
    I become the little girl

    My hair is Blond my eye's are blue
    My dress is torn and burned
    The beast and dragons all around me
    Fighting filled with scorn

    But none ever attack me
    For I notice a rabbit hole
    and seeing as I'm a little girl
    I fit all the way inside it

    I hope the bunny is Ok
    that used to occupy this hole
    and I hope someone will trade me places
    Like I did the one before

    The red and Black tile I miss
    The pictures on the wall I crave
    Just a little piece of Sanity
    Till than I have to be brave.

    I walk Amongst the Dragons now
    And pet the mighty beast that rest
    I've grown a little since I've come
    I now were a mini Dress

    I've stoped the fighting
    Found the Rabbit
    Fixed the House's
    And built a Castle

    Now I rule
    The Queen of Spades
    With Black and Red Tile floor
    And the White Rabbit by my side.