• alas, my friends another day
    we search the woods to find our way
    the days passing are, of course,
    merciless journies against the force
    of another storm, another fight,
    another day, another night,

    our survival is quite just,
    as we all gain each others trust
    we learn to live with each others flaws
    we all fight for the same cause
    to reach the destination, to end the quest
    to give the king his stolen chest

    but i can't help but think
    will our friendship ,in the end, sink
    are we just friends for now,
    we could remain friends, but how?

    we originate from different lands,
    I from the Thornian beach sands,
    John, from the volcanic plains of Firmess,
    Phil from the Forgen jungle with his tigress,
    Seran from the high class city of Daerga,
    and Sarah from the plains of Terga,

    this may be temporarily right
    since together we fight,
    but in the end we will all
    break apart from a fall
    that shatters the palace
    till then we shall be friends ,alas.