• I Sent an Angel

    It's Friday,3'o clock in the afternoon,
    And you said you would call me soon.
    You said that but a week ago,
    And the days have gone so painful and slow.

    You joined the army,Could you be dead?
    All these horrid thoughts are running through my head.
    As I pull out a whisle,And called Something.
    Maybe this will make me stop thinking of this shame.

    Here it comes,The thing that I called.
    This is an Angel,No type of fraud.
    I asked her to go,And check on you,For me.
    And I watch and wait And see her diappear into the trees.

    All of A sudden ,There was something coming,That I could see.
    You had sent a different Angel to come and checkon me.
    You sent me an Angel!It was so menacingly.
    I had sent you an Angel,And you sent one to me.