• The moon casts a lengthy shadow for me.
    I can barely sleep...or wake from this dream,
    And I know long nights are only ahead,
    I'll live the life of an insomniac
    For many days to come.

    The moon, hiding behind clouds, hints it sees
    That normality is not what it seems.
    Innocence, I crave that, but even I
    Know the night has tainted me. I've become
    Innocent no longer.

    The moon provides a soft light, but it's cold
    And will not provide comfort to this soul.
    If only there were someone to share nights
    Like this one with, a fellow wanderer
    And a kindred spirit.

    The moon reveals the perfect atmosphere
    To reminisce and lose myself like this,
    And as the wind blows, an insomniac
    I've become, captured by the moon, either
    By its beauty or dread.