• do what i do....

    c'mon now, my pretties.

    shove those lithe fingers down your throat
    claw at your tongue and upchuck nothing.

    cinched waists and stuffed bras
    make yourself the perfect doll
    plump your lips and curl your hair
    you ain't got a dime to spare ♥

    keep starin' into the toilet bowl
    keep wishin' that you'd fit the mold
    slap the coverup on
    plaster the blush
    double the eyeliner
    fake eyelashes, fake smiles
    fake emotions, fake wiles

    all it amounts to is nothing
    a c**k for a night, ten bucks on the side
    stupid little whore
    stupid little whore whore whore
    whore nothing whore nothing whore.

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