• A step, a breath, a steep incline to the left.

    A motor with no fuel, ignition is the fool.

    Walking off into the cold, to remember what I've been told.

    One perfect morning after a ******** up night.

    I want you here, to make it bright.

    After you leave, it's an obvious story.

    Your smile, I wish for leaves me with worry.

    Das tut mir leid, and then I cried.

    Auf weidersehen, encased in sin.

    Only used, I was only used.

    To please, to mold, to hold, to lose.

    A perfect promise to the living's end.

    A plea to make things right with a friend.

    A girl is a girl, a boy is a boy.

    Every girl can be a user with a boy as her toy.

    The user of a drug, or maybe it's a game.

    Feeling of joy, so maybe it's the same.

    Das tut mir leid, but she lied.

    Auf weidersehen, just to break me again.

    I didn't like being used, by the lies that she brews.

    So why do I feel alone again? New love should begin.

    Reborn was a question, and the next death gave no answer.

    So without further postnatal time I give this meaning for her.

    .:Xe:. 6 weeks since I asked the question. I guess it's time to grow up.