• Cause I'm so sick of makin the same wrong,
    Saying I'll stay strong,
    Saying I'll move on,
    I'm ready to put my words to work,
    Cause I'm sick of all the hurt,
    Ending up with a face full of dirt,
    Knuckles bloody red,
    With a mind so cold,
    And a heart so dead,
    But then with a soul so bold,
    I'm not going to give in no more,
    I'm not going to fold,
    I'm closing the door,
    So much anger,
    It's just a whole load,
    Tired of the restless nights,
    And the painful games,
    I just wanted to be in sight,
    And for you to remember my name,
    Carve it on your arm,
    Or tat it on your heart,
    I'd tat it on mine,
    But its broken apart,
    You were the glue,
    And you were the tape,
    How did something so true,
    Just have to break,