• The lights were set,
    The decorations were hung,
    And the dance of the night
    Had just begun.

    The music played softly,
    It hummed to and fro,
    The lights were dimming,
    Centering below.

    There were two in this tale,
    Who stood far apart.
    They didn’t know it,
    But they were connected by heart.

    From across the room,
    At each other they stared.
    Both of them thought
    Whether or not they should dare.

    Then he stood
    And she the same.
    They walked towards each other,
    Feeling no shame.

    With hands held tightly,
    Their hips gently swaying,
    They pressed close together,
    The music still softly playing.

    They danced through that song,
    And the next one as well.
    How long they danced?
    They couldn’t tell.

    For a while
    Not one word said.
    It wasn’t because of shyness,
    Worry, or dread.

    Near the end of the night
    When most others had left
    Those two still danced
    With her pressed to his chest.

    He hummed to the music
    Just enough for her to hear
    And soon he asked,
    “Are you ready to leave my dear?”

    She shook her head,
    Not wanting to go.
    Seeing him leave,
    She knew would hurt her so.

    He smiled at this
    And placed a kiss on her cheek.
    “I won’t leave you forever,
    I’ll see you next week.

    She hugged him
    And he hugged back tight,
    Not knowing why,
    It just felt right.

    “Listen, my lovely,
    What I’ll tell you is true,
    I’ll dance a thousand dances,
    But only with you.”