• Solace of hope

    the two hold hands

    down by the lake

    The swirl the sizzle the love

    The gurgle the hiss the happiness

    Who can say their wrong, who can say their right?

    All they care about is the hum

    Of the lake? Oh no,

    Of the soul? Oh yes,

    Betwixt them both the world could end

    They whisper left behind

    It doesn’t matter to she or he

    Their love has left them blind

    To fate they ask a simple line

    To be together for all of time

    So they sit happy for now

    When one blinks the other blinks back

    As the water most peacefully passed

    The rustle the yawn the splash the swirl

    Silhouetted against their love

    It leaves it stays in constant flow

    Leaving a solace of hope