• Lonely Winter
    Snow gently settles onto my face.
    My empty heart slows its pace.
    Sitting alone, cold and shattered,
    A broken spirit, a mind that’s tattered.

    Warm blood turns cool.
    Winter destroys a broken fool.
    All around me, a frozen flurry.
    Fear and hatred strikes in a hurry.

    Never hugged, never loved,
    Never close, away I am shoved.
    Forced to trudge through endless snow.
    The fire in my eyes loses its glow.

    Hopeless, loveless, empty, hollow,
    And soon “lifeless” will surely follow.
    As all warmth disappears,
    Nightmares open, showing my fears.

    Everyone lied to me, all of their fibs.
    Now I’ll let my heart beat slowly into my ribs.
    And all will forget who I was,
    They will remember no one,
    I don’t care because...

    Soon the snow will hit my face,
    And finally stop my heart’s slow pace.
    The cold will stop, the soul will die,
    A lonely winter, an empty lie.