• I feel hopeless
    Like I can't do anything
    It's like the world has just collapsed on me
    I desperatly need help

    I wish that I could just be normal
    Like all the other people my age
    But instead I'm stuck like this
    A swirling black hole, most of the time

    I put on a show
    one for everyone else to see
    never relasing myself
    some may possibly agree

    I can't seem to really even open up that much to my friends anymore
    An overdose of fear drowning me in itself
    I'm full of depression, hatred, fear, and much confusion
    And now I find myself at a lose of words for what constantly brews inside me

    It seems impossible to be free of these horrid things
    If only there was a way
    If there is, will someone show me?
    Plese, it is my only request

    But if that's to much to ask,
    Than at least give me this,
    Hide me from this world,
    In the deepest of it's pits
    So that no one will ever be exposed to these horrid things
    So that everyone else may remain happy and free, and live wonderful lives