• Dressed up like this fantasy princess
    And hid my face with a mask
    Going out to a dance
    To do my greatest task

    I see all the people
    Dressed in all colors under the sun
    But I was out to find my man
    Find my (secret) true one

    Spotted him in the corner
    I asked him for a dance
    And as we rocked backed and forth
    I knew this was my chance


    Dragged him out into the night
    And he was curious to know why
    I didn't say a word, just pulled him close
    "This Will fly by"

    I kissed him without notice
    I never wanted to let go
    And after, his face was bright red
    (I hope this isnt something i will regret)


    He yelled in shock
    "Why did you do that?!?"
    I just sat there with a smile
    Then took off my mask..............

    He instantly recognized me
    He was in shock mode
    I sat there, still smiled
    Then he asked "Who told?"

    "No one", I said, "I just knew"
    "And all along i wanted you"
    And after a moment he finally said, "you too"

    Then I came closer
    "Don't worry this will be bliss"
    He smiled again

    Then we kissed