• Poem: Because shes Happy not Sad

    A small girl climbs
    into mommies lap
    but because shes scared
    not cause shes sad
    she cries till her eyes
    are beady and red
    because of the monsters
    which live under her bed
    mommy strokes her hair
    and whispers "its alright
    you can sleep
    with me tonight"

    A little girl climbs
    into Mommys lap
    because shes happy
    not cause shes sad
    a movie plays
    its naturally serene
    to sit with mom
    and watch every scene
    mom smiles a tad
    the girl then sighs
    she will sleep well
    this night of July

    A Young woman climbs
    to mothers lap
    because shes depressed
    and a little bit sad
    school grows harder
    as she increases age
    the words seem jumbled
    on every work page
    mother kisses her head
    and strokes her hair
    the girls eyes are flowing
    her mind god knows where

    A young teen lies
    her head on moms lap
    because shes tired
    and shes always sad
    Its the first time in forever
    that they are alone
    sisters are nowhere
    mom finally stayed home
    its a comforting feeling
    to be there with mom
    a true rarity
    as she grows old and long

    A Young adult lies
    away from moms lap
    not because she happy
    or particularly sad
    she has this thought
    that writhes in her mind
    that mom doesn't love her
    mom name is not kind
    Mom tells her
    she will have to leave
    to make room for him
    to sit at her sleeve

    How could all those years
    where she sat with mom
    suddenly be nothing
    but a memory long gone
    only a year has passed
    since he came in
    he took the girls place
    in,by, and near moms lap, so when
    did it become alright
    to love someone more
    and leave the other sobbing
    in the middle of the floor

    They wonder why
    she wants to leave
    who wouldnt, she thinhks
    this is the web that you've weaved
    what else is expected
    when you're his alone
    when im left in the dark
    when nothing feels like home
    In a place where love
    is smothered by hate
    where mommy is no more
    simply a strange room mate

    The girl now feels smothered
    by this heartwrenching greif
    why does mom love him more
    than her own daughter, disbeleif
    shatters the girl, breaks
    her once undying will
    and it kills her inside
    fills her with such a chill
    What ever did she do?
    shes never done drugs
    shes never had sex
    she doesn't befriend thugs

    Why's the girl is happy all day
    till she walks in the door
    the feeling she gets
    makes her soul feel unsure
    she hates herself
    for feeling this way
    so she cries her eyes out
    each and every day
    she yearns for the day
    that her spirits will lift
    when her head will be quiet
    it would be Gods greatest gift

    she begs God to make
    her thoughts go away
    and to make her mom revert
    back to her original way's
    and she begs him that soon
    before she leaves home
    that mommys lap will be open
    and she wont feel alone
    and this young woman will climb
    to mothers lap
    because she is happy
    not because shes sad