• I've made it this far, seventeen years, plenty of life left in me, yours to take and break, or yours to cherish and let flourish, the decision is yours, my choice has been made.
    I've made it through the strife, I had my good times, my great times, and my rough times, terrible times, and for all those who played part in the latter, I'll be there at the end, don't matter if were dead, you'll be ******** over, for everyone who played a part in the good times, Thank You, for being there with me.
    When all is done and I've played everything through, you'll know, you'll know what you meant to me, you'll know if I cared for you, if you don't already know, I'm sorry.
    Now I sit at this table, writing my thoughts, it's up to you, to think about them, about your own thoughts, learn something, improve upon yourself, or to let these words flow right on past.
    I used to wonder, will it ever get better? Will I ever be happy? Over the years, it took some time, for me to learn, for me to understand, it will always get better, don't give up, keep trying, keep surviving, do whatever yo have to do, you'll make it, Happiness will come to you, envelope you, in one form or another.
    All you have to do, is accept it.
    Now I know, some people have trouble, just letting it, take over, they just can't do it, so used to
    just let go of all that brings you down, take that chance of something new, perhaps it will lead you to one of the most important things of all, Happiness.
    It's your life, make it something worth living for, whether it be for yourself, or another, make it worthwhile.

    Now my pencil is wearing thin, it's time for this end.