• When you're upset
    you lie
    you cry
    and teardrops stain your face
    and your clothing is soaked with those tears

    When you're upset
    you smile and nod
    you sit and laugh
    you deny the sadness you are
    you lose sight of what you love

    When you're upset
    a black cloud hangs over your head
    and tendrils of darkness emanate from you
    and you push away the ones you love
    and you give into violence

    and you have thoughts of deception
    of many conceptions
    and love is no longer a reception
    and you are struck with realization
    that you want retribution

    your mind's fingers tear into your soul
    trying to grasp that which isnt there
    looking for a heart that no longer resides
    clutching empty space where love used to live
    and where the darkest emotions hide

    those emotions wear you away
    and what used to be you
    is twisted into a sick parody
    and you have nothing to say
    and you no longer display love or hate

    you are hurt
    you are sick
    you are twisted
    you are nothing
    you are changed

    A chill runs down your spine
    a reminder of the past
    before you loved
    before you hated
    before you were

    A chill runs down your spine
    a vision of the future
    after you lie
    after you cry
    after you die

    Tears no longer come
    you are no longer hurt
    you are no longer there
    you are numb
    you are down and out

    When you're upset
    you become numb
    chills run down your spine
    you can no longer cry
    all you want to do is die...