• If I died...would you care?
    If I cried... would you comfort me?
    If I resort to suicide...would you try to stop me?

    Does anyone care?
    I bet you don't.
    Why should you?
    You're just a reader.
    And I'm just a writer.
    But this writer is not proud of the things she has done.
    She has lost the trust, friendship, and happiness of her best friend.
    Her only friend...and she knows she won't get it back.
    Not now, not ever.
    This writer is dead to her friend.
    Or, should I say... stranger.
    the sad thing is...is that this..."stranger" lives four houses down.
    and the writer and "stranger" have known each other for more than 11 years.
    Think that's sad?
    Bet you don't.
    Why should you?
    Because this writer....doesn't really care what happens anymore.
    She is dead to everyone and everything.
    Its simply amazing how she can still be alive.
    At least, its amazing to her.
    She should of just let the mustang hit her tonight.
    That way she wouldn't be here.
    And no one would care.