• Flower girl sitting in the garden planting a flower.
    Sitting and sitting while planting for hours.
    Flowers of red, flowers of blue.
    Flowers of old, flowers of new.
    Flowers of many colors and heights.
    Some very beautiful, some that fright.
    Some bare fruits, nuts, and edible seeds.
    Some are dangerous and others are weeds.
    She keeps working even when the rain starts coming down.
    She’s in her own little place in her garden, not afraid to drown.
    Wet and dripping water on the ground.
    She stays there planting without a sound.
    She is here in her own garden made with love.
    Soon the plants will grow and provide shade above.
    For the time being a moment frozen in time.
    Colors so bold leaves as green as a lime.
    Why does she have a sorrow filled face?
    Why does she always plant in this place?
    Her sorrow might be the world of today.
    Her sorrow might be for those buried in the ground under her feet they lay.
    Flower girl filled with sorrow.
    Will you be back to plant again tomorrow.