• I'm going insane
    But my will is strong
    I'll make it through this
    It's gone on for so long

    It crashed over me
    Like a wave on the shore
    First came the voices
    Now I see more

    They all struggle at first
    Came the reply
    When it first happened
    And I asked why

    The beautiful colors
    I can't remember
    The glowering darkness
    See hidden embers

    Breaking defenses
    It makes me feel sick
    The horns breaking through
    To my gut it's a kick

    It'll be easy
    You say so assured
    But how can you say that
    With how much I've endured

    You had your chance
    I gave you control
    I'd ditch you right now
    If you hadn't imprisoned my soul

    Nothing matters
    Fight I still must
    To gain my freedom
    I'll brush off the dust

    I'm going insane
    There's no doubt that I am
    It's pretty obvious since
    You're just a giant ram