• The Rabbit Hole

    On the edge of a wood, not far from here,
    There lies hidden, under leaves of green,
    A rabbit hole leading to a place quite queer,
    Full of impossibilities and things unseen.

    Many a child stumbles on this hole,
    Their curious eyes stare down below,
    Only to slip, fall, step into a roll,
    Nevermore in daylight will their faces show.

    Where have they gone? – The whispers spread,
    Those poor young souls, without a trace,
    Unbeknownst to the rumours said,
    Down the rabbit hole, they make their pace.

    Past the rabbit hole in the fox’s lair
    Dwell the children that he slyly baits
    Forever ravenous, his teeth – beware,
    In Wonderland, their fate awaits.