• O Alara, Thou art deadly Alara, thou art lively Alara!
    O Alara of Catastrophe... Alara of Grace...
    From the existence of nothingness, you came to our founder
    You were a lonely star, just like that, shining with dreams and hopes.
    You became our shelter, caring like a mother
    Yet we came and destroy you, cutting you into ten sectors.
    One divisions was raged with blaze, dipped in the pit of flames
    With the name of “Alara-Jund,” you continue to bless us with the gift of fire.
    The second portion was named “Alara-Airin,” blessed with the wings of air
    Shone by eternal light, a pure heart and a free spirit was praised to its angels.
    Filled with continuous sea was the land named “Alara-Esper”
    Ruled by a single tower, so cool and calm, refreshing was the mana of water.
    Covered in jungle, in the green of leaves, and the rainbow of flowers
    “Alara-Naya” was it, so full of life, promising the magic of earth.
    That was the end of our light, but not the end of our darkness.
    Life came and went, as so we created more out of you, ripping your everyness.
    We continued to create “Grixis” swamped by bones and skulls,
    The air was filled with death, and adding mourns to every soul, as we devoured you.
    Yet “Shadowmoor” was born, a plane of perpetual dusk with no rising sun
    Its atmosphere was an erepuscular gloom, and its survivors were the depressed.
    Under a curse was “Kamigawa,” a home of gods, of endless wars
    They were hypnotized with power and robbed of freedom.
    But that is not all, the eighth of the segments was “Ravnica,” emptied of life
    Draped with venom was it, powerful but foolish and sorrowful were they.
    Two opposite worlds yet comes together by two planes
    “Time” and “Space” were the union, created to rule the eight fragments in peace.
    The two planes forbid of dwellers throughout the Multiverse to trespass
    For the sake of Alara, no planes are to be crossed, no planes are to be lost.
    Therefore of this devastation, you kept the last gift-”Transformation”
    Why Alara, dear Alara? To demolish us someday?