• As she walked slowly down the aisle towards the oncoming doom
    her heartbeat shrieking ka-boom, ka-boom, ka-boom.
    Her wedding dress white as snow
    illuminated by the harvest moon's silver glow
    was also picked out by this monstrous foe.
    Don't get it wrong he whispered in her ear
    then smiled with evil malice as she shivered in fear.

    Was it not only earlier today when she had felt hopeful
    like fate had done her a favor in a way...
    Awe yes indeed it was today,
    but that was before she discovered this dreadful secret
    that led her to this utter feeling of dismay.
    This man she is marrying, next to her right now...
    Oh if only she had learned the truth far earlier somehow.
    He lefts the veil and forces her near to seal thier vows with a lover's kiss.

    Now the bride and her beastly groom are in his house