• The body trembles of fear.
    Who.....who says this is fair, why is it fair? How is it fair?
    A simple boy, being torn apart.
    A lie.....a mere lie that turns into something big.
    He'd never hurt a fly, let alone the child of someone who would cry.
    He wouldn't ask for a future like this.
    Who would? Why must a tramp do this to a person she claimed to 'love'?
    How can a person do that? 'Love' is not a toy to tamper with nor play with.
    A mere lie, only focused on a girl who looks innocent, but has the body of a whore!
    Using it for all the wrong reasons.
    False lies tearing others apart!
    Freaking out by how much it pains certain people.
    As for others, it sinks straight to their hearts.
    Why shouldn't we freak? We shouldn't, but show our care.
    Those minds think different from each other- a lot.
    The main mind we all worry about is: His.
    Working and setting it how people tell and corrupt his mind.
    Slowly, wanting to know if it's true, finally believing it's true:
    Corruption consuming him.
    Rage burns in his eyes, he knows whats heading his way.
    A mere thought- "I have nothing to lose, nor gain, except the pain"
    Does he not see that he does? A girl, a poor girl and his older brother
    in pain?
    Only wanting whats best for him, knowing that this isn't what he needs.
    A mind that works different then ours.
    If it turns this way, we won't get to say our last words of:

    "We, love you Justin Adam King!"