• The future is tomorrow
    and the past is written
    as seconds roll like seas of green.
    The night falls with
    the scented aura
    of the afterlife
    and the day shines
    like the dust of an angel's wings.
    The light brightens
    the hearts of those who
    reap courage
    they unsheath their swords of flame to defend
    as the tsunamis of trust and loyalty
    sheild them from insanity.
    Insanity is neither good nor evil.
    It is just misunderstood.
    Just as the immortality
    of the mountains
    exsist only in the minds of those
    who do not wish to live so long.
    The crack in it's frame
    resembles the sky,
    breaking away under the sounds
    of thunderous roars.
    Roars of legends,
    legends that flow
    like the winds of time,
    whispering the meaning of life,
    but only telling us when to listen...
    During the eve of nights...
    Sleep well,
    for the next few seconds foreshadow
    the future...
    ye have little time to change.

    By daminami