• Please realize my game is to be OK,
    I don’t need you, I don’t need anyone, really I don’t!
    I will keep you at Arms Length away from my soul, my heart, my pain.
    You wouldn’t understand me anyway; you have never felt the way I have.

    You don’t really care, even though you say you do. You couldn’t no one has
    No one understands the losses I have felt, the rejection I have known, the pain.

    I have learned to put on my mask, my sophisticated mask,
    The one I show the world.

    I have learned to suck it all in, every time I let my feelings out I get hurt.
    Again, and again, and again…

    I am tired, but I tell you I am fine, nothing is wrong. I am not angry, I am not feeling
    Anything. I can’t feel, I won’t feel. How dare you confront me, how dare you try
    To care for me, how dare you…

    I do not want anything you have, I just want to…
    Well it’s not important what I want it is just the I don’t want What you want for me.

    So I wear my mask, my beautiful mask, I have shined it up and brought it hear today, I
    Want to believe it, I think I do

    Please don’t just take me at face value, please don’t laugh at me, please don’t reject me
    like I have been rejected so many times before,
    I don’t think I could stand it again

    Inside I am dying, my only hope is that you will not reject me, you will not take my
    Beautiful mask away, but I know it must go, just not now…
    Not now…not now…

    My salvation lies in you, all of you, seeing the tears behind my wonderful cover, it lies in
    You seeing beyond my façade, my act, my game, my pain.

    Please take my mask and help me see what is real, for without seeing what is real I fear I
    Will slip into the nothingness and nowhere I have been heading for,
    For quite sometime.