• I throw myself onto my bed
    Shaking with sobs about what my boyfriend said
    My best friend comforts me
    All night long as the tears keep coming

    Another lover, a newborn life
    Who gives me love instead of strife
    I’m hesitant and raw
    She accepts every flaw

    My heart swells with love
    Soaring like a dove
    With my finger I trace her lips
    And upon them I place the seal of my kiss

    My parents walk in
    And proclaim it a sin
    They hide me from the world
    Most especially from that girl

    Why should they have the right
    To tell me who to like
    And, to all the haters up above,
    I will choose who I love

    Now my parents are ashamed
    Of the woman I became
    I have become strong
    “Different” doesn’t mean “wrong”