• As I lie awake in this sleepless dream
    A twilight night sets the theme
    Curled in a blanket
    So soft like your eyes
    The new found morning I despise
    The sound of your heart against my ears
    Will be the one thing I crave to end my fears
    The twinkle of the stars
    and the glittering moon
    Stay forever and end non too soon
    The smell of grass
    and the sweet aeroma of the air
    All sounds too lovely and fair
    The rising of your chest
    revealing every deep breath
    The touch of your hands against my face
    the warmth of your kiss
    and a shudder of pure bliss
    Eyes slowly close
    Falling asleep in your securing arms
    Knowing you would never do me harm
    Swiftly floating into a sleep
    Finally sleeping soundly for the first time
    Before the last thought of my current surroundings sets into place
    a few last words are spoken as our fingers lace
    Be mine forever, K?
    I promise forever til my last day