• The little girl who sat on the street
    was by herself, playing with glee.
    Then a SWOOSH and a CRASH
    came along with a dash.

    The little girl turned around,
    scared and frightened with a frown.
    She saw nothing
    but a pumpkin.

    The little girl began to run,
    with someone nearby watching where.
    She stopped and glared
    at the fellow.

    "Who are you?" said the little girl.
    "An illusion, which you see," replied the human.
    At an instant, an aura gathered around the person
    and disapeared.

    The girl gasped,
    then tripped.
    As the human than elf
    was behind her.

    The little girl ran home,
    finding the shadowy elf at every corner.
    "How are you everywhere?" asked the girl.
    "Those aren't me. I'm right HERE!"

    With a CRASH the elf grabbed her arm,
    a dagger in her hand.
    "Happy Halloween!" the elf smiled
    and "poofed" away.