• Not A Goodbye

    That song plays,
    Over and over,
    In my head.

    It tears me apart,
    As I lay here,
    Looking up at the stars,
    Dreaming of you beside me.

    Supposed to be a forever,
    Not a goodbye,
    When I poured my heart out,
    Onto this faded script,
    Into this fateful words.

    Who would've known,
    Who could've guessed,
    The way our paths would turn......

    A fork in the road,
    Which way to turn,
    One wrong choice,
    A troubled decision,
    Now you are gone.

    Supposed to be a forever,
    Not a goodbye,
    As I sat there and wept,
    The slam of the door,
    Still echoing throughout my soul.

    I try to stand,
    Against my pain,
    But I still crumble,
    Falling to the ground.

    I wear my feelings on my sleeve,
    Can't keep them from you,
    This isn't over yet,
    This can not be,
    A goodbye......