• She sat above the city lights
    Faded in the dark
    No one would understand
    No one would know

    She didn’t feel anything at all
    Her words only drifting
    Even when she felt herself falling
    She didn’t try to stop
    She wanted to lose it all

    Her cuts and bruises shone on her face
    Though she still felt the chill night air
    She thought she was in Hell
    Life can’t be like this
    Life can’t make you feel

    And even when you scream
    If no one’s there to hear
    Someone will be by your side
    Someone who truly cares

    But she had no one
    No one who wanted her
    They threw her out long ago
    And even if she was on Earth
    She couldn’t really tell

    Pouring her life out
    Into the boy’s mind
    She tried to make amends
    To purify her sins

    And though she pleaded to make it stop
    The boy kept it coming
    The pain, the terror
    It was the only thing she could feel

    Even through all this hell
    The girl still lived on
    For not yet had she truly made it right

    Every night she went and begged
    Every night she pleaded
    She pulled at his heart
    Begging for forgiveness

    There is nothing she can do now
    To pay for her sins
    In life nor in death can she ever be put to rest
    Her life lived in misery
    Thriving off others pain

    Tears tug at the corners of her eyes
    But even though she wants to
    She can’t even force herself to cry
    Don’t die, don’t sleep, don’t lie
    And maybe, you’ll make it through the night