• Fitting the whole world in my head, piece by piece, grid by grid. Where two and two make 8! A land where facts rule, but common sense did not. A land where the world was entertainment thus justifying making it entertainment. But a world which contradiction is your ally and enemy. But you seek heart and will find it, and cling to it, and you see a land of prophets and scientists, for some reason they want to fix you. But the poets, they listen to you.

    But, to have the world in your head, no no. The world, and the sky, and the moon, and the sun, and the stars, the ocean, the forests, and the people who have a heart, they surround you.
    But two and two will make four and you will feel life is not fair, but in the beginning we are all born, in the end we all die. But, maybe sometime in your life, you may read this and I may have passed on, those with two good ears had better listen!
    Then you will live in peace with the prophets and the scientists.