• Memories of the past haunt me
    Shall you ever treat me the same?
    Shall you ever put me on your shoulders again?
    Will you ever sling me across your shoulder kicking and screaming in laughter?
    Will you ever treat me like your little sister again?
    Ever since I have grown up, you do not smile at me or laugh with me
    You only look at me for a second than look away, like you don’t know me
    For one more minute can we forget that you are a guy and I am a girl and play hide and seek as we did when we were kids
    Or wrestle on the bed, my brother and I against you
    Or have a water fight with you throwing me in the pool
    Shall we ever be able to laugh together again?
    Can we be friends again?
    Or shall the world separate us scattering those memories till they are dust with tears