• I hoped one day someone would rescue me,

    But I opened my eyes and now I see,

    That noone will ever come,

    Noone would ever dare,

    And in the place I call home,

    Noone will ever care,

    I asked the lord to stop the pain,

    But all I got was rain,

    Cold and wet I cry for help,

    But still there's noone by my side,

    All alone I just want love,

    In my life the laws of love do not abide,

    At every turn I find more hurt,

    Every triumph ground in the dirt,

    By the failure that I am,

    Because nobody gave a damn,

    I can't pretend that i'm alright,

    But yet my heart will fight,

    Fight to break the wall around it,

    But forever alone I will sit,

    Sit and wait for someone/anyone,

    But I know they will not come.