• Your shadow lingers over me,
    Protecting me, or so I thought.
    Your thorns cut me
    Deeper than any object.

    You push away,
    I pull you in.
    The veil of darkness
    Surounds your entity.

    Harsh sounds come
    From your lips.
    I kiss them
    To keep them quiet.

    Black acid pours
    From your colorless eyes.
    I wipe them away
    With my angel light.

    Blood trickles down
    My broken body.
    The only thing whole,
    Is my love for you.

    You do not love me,
    I wanted you to be mine.
    My red rose, alive and well.
    But you are a heartless,
    Hollow Black Rose.
    Dead to the world.
    Incapable of love.