• I can't stand this anymore,
    and I can't take it one bit.
    I don't know what I'm working for,
    but I know that it's important.

    I can't see why you are my friend,
    'cause this is a one way road.
    You ask for help and a few hands to lend
    but never give repose.

    I try to help as best as I know how.
    but I guess it's still hard for you to live.
    You just keep taking, I'm empty now,
    I have nothing more to give.

    I won't keep quiet, my heart is sore,
    and you have to hear the truth.
    I cannot help you anymore,
    forgive me if I'm uncouthe...

    Well hello, jeff, how are you, man?
    can you help me like before?
    well sure I can, 'cause after all,
    it's all I'm really good for.