• here i stand here looking into the darkness.
    my mind awakening to find nothing more than her love for me.
    i realize that tonight i must fight with all my strength.
    all the negitives of my life flash infront of my mind.
    the positives stay hinddin untill she flashes into view.
    i begin to fall.
    she picks me up...
    is that wrong???
    or is it right?
    she smiles and it all fades agin but only till she is gone...
    then i fight my life agin!
    but she always comes to my aid!
    love is powerful!
    is it powerful enough to keep me going?
    yes..... i love her!
    she starts to crumble under all her own pressure!
    and i give her my strong and sturdy hand and pull her close to tell her itll be ok and ill never leave her till death do us part!
    i fight.
    she fights.
    we are each others saviors!