• Both: Oh Oh Oh Oh...
    Boy: Baby Dont Start Crying Not Again
    Girl: But Its Not Over Our Baby She's Gone
    Boy: A Wonder What Happend To Her
    Girl: Me To Is She Gonna Die?
    Boy: Just Dont Think About What Happend
    Girl: I Know But Shes Our Baby
    Boy: I Never Wanna See You Cry
    Girl: I Never Wanna Her To Die
    Both: Oh Those Where The Days When She Was Here...
    Girl: She Should Have Listened To You...
    Boy: Its Not Her Fault Lets Just Concentrate On Finding Her...
    Girl: I Know But She's Your Baby Too...
    (Police Man At Door) Is This Your Daughter?
    Both: Megan Oh Thank You Officer Where Did You Find Her?
    Police Man: In A Abandand House
    Girl: Come On Lets Get In The House Its Getting Late
    Police Man: Well Good Night Folks
    Megan: Im So Sorry Mommy And Daddy
    Boy: After All That Crying
    Megan: Daddy Don't Cry For Im Home...

    This Song Is DediCated To All The Missing Kids In The World