• Tonight's the night that everyone dances to that new funky beat,
    Boys and girls dance together and they all step on eachothers feet.

    One girl and one boy in love since everybody can remember,
    sneak out into the moon-lit night of that cold December.

    While they shared their first kiss and felt that love sensation,
    someone was watching who felt an evil temptation.

    Just like that they were kidnapped without a sound and without a trace,
    everybody else was unaware untill it was to late to save Shane and Grace.

    Days go by,weeks go by,then soon turned out to be many months later,
    that the bodies were found under an old dead tree with only one nest saved for later.

    The funeral was short but seemed longer than expected,
    after that the killer was charged for kidnapping and murder and was convicted.

    Many people come to grieve for the loss of such young lovers,
    but each person who feels the love and loss claim to see two young birds.

    Yes, two white doves building their nest high in the blooming tree,
    both helping and deeply in love..."One Love For Two Birds" People would say with tears on their cheeks.

    No matter what season the tree blooms with flowers,
    reminding that with all the war and hatrid that there maybe is still
    some love out there deep in our memories and our powers.