• He was a fast one and he liked em' cheap.
    a real smooth talker on his big ole steed
    yeah he was handsome
    but on the inside he was a lie.

    At the corner pub, he's one of the famaliar faces
    coming in and out on a daily basis
    and by the end of the night
    he had another foolish girl to take home.

    but one night he walked in and saw a new face
    he said i've never seen you around this place
    she was soft on the eyes and not to easy to reel in.

    he'd never met his match but he did in her
    that night he went home alone and didnt even get a number
    and when he laid down this night it was alone.

    as he closed his eyes he saw her pretty smile
    something that hadn't happened in a long while.
    he was a boy,
    but this one would make him a man.

    and then the next day he drove to the bar
    he had on a big smiile when he got out of his car
    he wasn't lookin to take a tramp home tonight.

    as he walked in he scanned the room
    looking for the beauty whose face was new
    and then he saw her in the corner and he started on his way.

    he said 'i didnt catch your name last night,
    and i would love to know it if you'd be so kind'
    she gave a smile, and she started to explain.

    well im not here for no one night stand,
    i've had my fair share of that kind of man
    and if you lookin to chat you gotta make it worth my time.

    he had a puzzled look on his face
    he said come and lets just leave this place
    i aint lookin for lust,
    my days of that are through

    i know a nice little place outside of the city
    with a floor for dancing under the sky my pretty.
    just come with me, dont worry, i"ll take care of you

    She took his hand and they left the bar
    he opend her door and she got into the car
    the radio was off but there was plenty of noise long the way

    they talked about everything they knew
    The past, the present, and what they wanted to do
    every single word was said into the others eyes.

    he kept on driving til they hit a empty feild of grass
    "get on out of the car" he asked
    and they jumped out and she wondered where they were.

    here's the dance floor, and above is the sky
    he held her close and they danced all night
    when the morning came they were still holding each other tight.

    That night they found a new kind of drug
    they feel deeper and deeper with each other in love
    and so now that once cheap man was changed.

    They spent the rest of their lives making plans
    not a day went by that they didn't find each others hands
    and the story ended happy just like most of them do.