• The souls from heaven are falling
    They go down into hell
    Did god give up
    Why would he let this happen

    No hes bringing them back up
    God will never give up the fight

    Its still raining souls
    They scream and shout

    We run and hide
    No one wants to help them
    How can we

    Maybe a simple prayer would help them
    The souls are falling into hell
    They cry and scream for help
    Help them
    Pray that they go to heaven

    Will you let them suffer
    Or will you help them

    Look at all the souls
    Falling to the depts of hell
    They need help
    Falling from the sky
    Its there rain of white

    Snow in the summer
    Odd isnt it
    The souls have granted us that
    So we should help them get back to heaven

    Or are you heartless
    Like me
    Falling from the sky
    Are the souls from heaven