• bang! bang!
    pistols fly into me,
    you run away
    leaving me to bleed.

    clutching onto my body,
    trying to live,
    i struggle to move,
    i will never forgive.

    falling to my knees,
    breathing becomes more hard,
    attempting to get help,
    while dying in my own backyard.

    eyesight becomes blurry
    i fall flat to the ground
    my life flashing before me,
    i could hear the ambulance sounds.

    i feel my body lift up,
    like heaven was gonna take me now,
    but that,
    i would never allow.

    i keep fighting and fighting
    till i am satisfied
    this battle has not been glorified.

    doing anything to stay alive,
    please God,
    let me live and survive.

    strapped up tightly to a bed,
    they put a breathing mask on me,
    being transported from one place to another,
    hopefully God will agree.

    breathing a little better,
    satisfied enough to sleep,
    so i shut my eyes and never knew,
    that i had died at the age of sixteen.