• When home can’t be found
    Nothingness consumes me
    Better to be six feet in the ground
    No one to answer my desperate plea
    I am alone in these chains
    Blood words scribbled on the wall
    My hatred and suffering reigns
    No one to answer my disintegrating call
    She holds me down against her chest
    Fire burns in our eyes
    She tells me she was once blessed
    No one knows of my futile cries
    I feel the tears in my skin
    If only you had forgiven my crime
    Seeping slowly in is sin
    But you turned away this time
    My lips crack and my throat burns
    The shackles tighten
    Only a drop of water, my body yearns
    My demons don’t frighten
    Darkness settles around me now
    Cold resides in my soul
    Before the throne of Nothing I bow
    Ennui, I am black as coal
    When the fire stops, the cold remains
    Silver slivers of light trickle away
    The ashes of hate my mind contains
    Only the night is left to stay
    As your sins alone corrode my sight
    This is the fall, the end of things
    If only I could speak, I’d make this right
    Death and decay my lifelessness sings
    I dance alone in the shadows
    Left by all to this horrid beauty
    I am alone, no one follows
    I hear it, watch it, eat away at me
    You scorched my life
    I am nothing but ice
    You surrounded me with strife
    I am paying your price
    Fire in one hand
    Frozen fear in the other
    Left in a desolate land
    Remaining there under a snowy cover
    I am nothing but cold
    But fiery hatred consumes me
    Because of you, I’m told
    You’re the Saint of Animosity