• {Mistress of Darkness, Demon of Hell}

    I reside in the deepest hell
    Where no man dares to tread
    Take my hand, I’ll show you true fear
    Follow me down, as darkness swells
    Watch your step, mind the dead
    Keep your wits about you and stay near

    This is the birthplace of nightmares
    Where the dead conjure the shadows
    And haunt you from the darkness
    And what is the burden that I bear?
    The reason these things I know?
    To you this secret I’ll confess

    I am the mistress of darkened dreams
    The regulator who lets horrors fly
    And casts spells to keep your thoughts in my grasp
    Leaving you in waking fear, my scheme
    Trap the world in everlasting fright
    While you wonder if every breath may be your last

    I reside in the deepest hell
    A mistress of darkness, a creature of fear
    And you're the mortal I wish to keep
    All my secrets I will tell
    Anything to keep you near
    To hold me when I start to weep

    Even a demon of hell needs love...