• Night falls once again,
    The stars sparkle a greeting that no one,
    Will ever see beyond their window panes.
    Moonlight casts the world into white.
    This light covers me and comforts me.
    A breeze gently weaves it's way through,
    Brushing it's fingers through my hair,
    As you had done so very long ago.
    Oh, the irony! You exist to me,
    As the wind exists to everyone.
    Invisible in it's grace and flow.
    I fall to my knees in the long grass,
    Of an old meadow by the road.
    No headlights trace my fear and anger,
    As I relinquish a scream I've held in for so long.
    People would think I'm dying,
    But only in your heart and mind.
    The night gives me the strength I need,
    To let you go and to forgive.
    I need you like a sinner needs fire.
    So just give it up and admit it.
    If you're that dependant on people,
    I hope you live a life of solemn solitude,
    Forever drenched in desire.